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This "camp" program is intended to give your child a burst of training in whatever motor skills are important for you and your child.  We strive to incorporate activities that are fun and exciting in addition to being challenging and new. 

This is a cash based business - meaning we will not bill your insurance.  Full payment is required one month prior to starting your camp and a down payment is needed to hold your place.  If you need to cancel, you will be reimbursed up until a month prior to your start date.  Within a month of your start date, your down payment will be retained.  

For pricing info, please contact us

For a listing of local lodging, click here

If it is requested, we can provide you with information you can send to your insurance in an attempt to get reimbursed.  


The Universal Exercise Unit
The TheraSuit
Benik Suit
Biofeed back
A Treadmill
KidWalk -Body Weight Supported Gait
Rifton Gait Trainers
Rifton Adapted Bike
Amtryke tricycle
Bozu Ball / Therapy Balls
Push Rack
Mechanical Horse
Special Tomato Chairs
Electric Horse Riding Machine
Pulleys and weights
Floor Mats
Age Appropriate Toys
Benches, Bolsters, and Wedges
Options for Aquatics may be available


Choose from one of the following:

- 5 day camp

- 10 day camp

- 15 day camp

- 20 day camp 

Once your registration forms and payment are received you will begin to design your customized physical therapy "camp" with our Physical Therapist.  Your camp will include specific treatment techniques that will help your child towards specific goals that everyone helps plan.  The length of the program will help guide what will be worked on in the clinic and what can be followed through with at home or school. 

Kidz Physical Therapy will provide something new and different from the typical 1 session a week or 1 visit a month.  Any questions on which length of program is right for your child, please contact us and we can help talk through your decision.  


Here For You

These programs are best suited for children in major phases of growth and development and that are medically stable. 

Age Range


Most common diagnoses include but are not limited to:

Cerebral Palsy

Spina Bifida


Traumatic Brain Injury 

Developmental Delays

Down Syndrome

Developmental Coordination Disorder

Toe Walking

Torticollis: ages 2months-2 years (modified programs available)

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