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What makes Kidz Physical Therapy different than clinic, hospital, and school-based physical therapy you may ask.....

Physical Therapy is Physical Therapy. All PT's are trained the same and attend continuing education yearly to keep their license. Clinic/Hospital PT is rehab based and a lot of it is dictated by insurance. School-based PT is centered around accessing and participating in education.

Kidz Physical Therapy is different! It does not replace the 2 types of therapy already listed, it is an intensive boost, meant to be a jumpstart or change of pace.

Think of it as a way to help reach goals and improve outcomes - not cure. If your child is close to reaching that next milestone or that first milestone, Kidz is what you are looking for! Think of it as a sport, you don't make the Varsity team by doing 45 minutes of practice 1 time a week, you go to practice 5 days a week for several hours. You don't do this all year long, but during the particular sport season. Kidz can be anywhere from a 1-3 times a year camp - depending on what you are looking for and what your child needs. At Kidz we understand that your first and most important job is to be a parent (not a PT, not a nurse, not a teacher, not a doctor, etc). Let Kidz do the "PT stuff" for the length of your child's camp so you can be a parent! Kidz camps have a set start date and end date so you know what to expect and plan for. We have a number of adapted tools, equipment, toys, and technology that you cannot find elsewhere! And for the next couple months we will be highlighting some of our exciting things that your child will have access to when they sign up for a camp with Kidz Physical Therapy!

First up in our next post: Partial Body Weight Support Treadmill Training

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