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Rack it Up

At Kidz Physical Therapy, we like to support other local businesses when we can. This year we were able to work with Wagner Custom Woodwork LLC our of La Crosse WI to have this beautiful Push Rack made custom for us. What is a Push Rack and what is it used for you may ask......

- Heavy Work: if a child needs something to push when we are working on walking

- Balance: if a child needs something to hold onto when we are working on standing on one leg or half kneeling or stepping up onto something

- Stabilizing: when in the "cage" a child sometimes need something more stable to hold onto and this can slide in and out and works like a charm

- A colorful Goal: when a child starts they may only be able to lift their leg to the bottom bar but by the end they may be lifting 1, 2, or 3 bars higher

Kidz Physical Therapy is looking forward to using as well as finding many more creative and beneficial ways to incorporate this lovely piece, this summer! Visit our website and/or contact us for more information.

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