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Shake it Up!

Who doesn’t like to shake things up a bit.....

Whole body vibration is a newer type of intervention for kids with neuromotor delays or movement delays and Kidz Physical Therapy is jumping right in. Whole body vibration has a number potential benefit for kids struggling with body awareness and balance, tight muscles as well as low tone. It can help decrease spastic tone (or tightness) to allow for more productive gait training. It can help bring awareness to the body and help figure out where it is in space. It can help with muscle mass and bone density. And it’s just fun to explore new ways to do the same old activities and exercises. Our vibration plate has different levels and speeds that can be used depending on the purpose we are using it for. The vibration plate mimics the weight shifting a child would do while walking or running when standing still on it. It can also be used while sitting, weight bearing through the arms/hands, or while actively doing an exercise like bending down to pick up a toy. It’s a great addition to the beginning of a treatment session for any age and a nice way to "Shake it Off, Shake it Off"!

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