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"Suit Up"

It’s not just about the “what” you are doing, but also the “how”. Some kids struggle with stability or what we refer to as core strength. Some kids have a hard time telling where their body is in space. Some kids need a little extra help because their muscles have lower tone. Some kids need extra resistance, some need extra support. At Kidz Physical Therapy we have a number of wearable suits that can help or can be used. These suits are just a “wearable tool” to use while we are doing the same activities we would normally be doing. They just provide an additional layer or support to the activity, potentially setting kids up for more success than failure. We may use them, we may not, it all depends on what your child needs and benefits from!

We have compression suits (TheraTogs, SPIOs, Hip Helpers)

We have bungee suits also known as the TheraSuit (the yellow, red, and blue sizes)

We have suits with additional support built in, both tops and bottoms (Benik Suits)

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