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Swinging Into Shape

The cage allows suspension of a number of different tools that can be used for vestibular work. The vestibular system is a pretty complicated thing…. To keep it simple, it plays a role in our ability to move and balance. The organs of the vestibular system are located in the inner ear and provide us with information about where are bodies are in space and the position of our head in relation to our body. When the vestibular system is well developed, a child will feel confident and safe during movement. Often times our children with special needs lack the experiences, the movements, and repetition of activities that help develop this. Activities that can help promote development of a healthy vestibular system can include (but aren’t limited to) swinging, rocking, jumping, and spinning. Kidz Physical Therapy has the following tools to help achieve these types of activities and have fun while doing it:

-The WingBo is a belly time swing that can be used to work on pushing off with the legs, for upper body weight bearing, for vestibular activity, and for all over fun! This is great for infants and toddlers as it can be brought down closer to the ground or suspended up high.

-A platform that is great for rocking at all ages. Can also be used for stabilization exercise to strengthen the core muscles.

-A regular swing that can be suspended inside or outside (on a nice summer day for fresh air). Kidz also has an attachment for regular swings for children that may

require additional support of a 5 point harness as well as an adapted swing.

-Bungees can fully suspend a child’s body like they are flying (like superman) and has endless opportunities for whatever needs a child has. They also allow children to jump with assistance or resistance depending on what we are trying to accomplish. Or even swing by holding on with hands to work on upper body strength.

-A hammock and/or a pod swing that works for spinning or rocking. Kids can sit in this like a regular swing for front to back movement, lay down in it for side to side movement, or go into it on their belly to fly like superwoman or put their hands and knees down and rock!

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