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The Cage

This is a favorite of every kid who comes through the door and one of the most used pieces of therapy equipment at Kidz Physical Therapy. The Universal Exercise Unit (UEU), otherwise known as “the spider cage”, is a suspension system that allows kids to explore a fun new way to move and achieve their goals. Children with diagnoses including, but not limited too, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, stroke, down syndrome/low muscle tone, developmental coordination disorder, and difficulties advancing through motor milestones can all benefit from this amazing treatment tool. The UEU utilizes a belt and bungees, to allow kids the assistance they need to maintain an upright position, stand without a therapist’s assistance, and have the freedom of movement and balance development to help overall functionality. This system allows kids to strengthen or target specific muscles, to work on transitional movements and balance safely without the fear of falling, and an opportunity to experience the fun, and vestibular work associated with, “flying” or swinging. Watch for another blog post on vestibular/swinging tools available at Kidz. A fan favorite in the UEU is just regular old jumping! They don’t even realize they are improving their proprioception while they do it!

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