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Walking Into A New Year

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

At Kidz Physical Therapy, we work towards your goals. One popular goal for a lot of kids and families is walking (or independent mobility)…… Walking looks different for everyone. Some kids will work on walking independently with balance and strength. Some will use adapted equipment such as canes, crutches, or walkers. Some will use gait trainers and external braces to help. Whichever way it is for you, movement is movement! Repetition is repetition! Kids Physical Therapy has many options to help assist and work towards mobility goals:

- Rifton Gait trainers (small, medium, and large sizes)

- Loftstrand crutches (adjustable) and canes

- The walkable: can be seen in the blog post titled "I've got a new way to walk"

- Overhead bungees/supports: can be seen in the blog post titled "the cage"

- Rope Parallel Bars (pictures to come)

- Leg immobilizers of all sizes

All of which help in one way or another. Individually or in conjunction with. Let Kidz Physical Therapy help you with your New Year goals!

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